Dr. David Perrin's William "Pinky" Newell Memorial Address

nce again this year the Eastern Athletic Trainer’s Association (EATA) held its annual meeting in January at the Boston Marriott Copley Place. Over 1, 000 individuals registered and most attended the awards banquet where one of the EATA’s most prestigious honors, the William E. “Pinky” Newell Address, was presented. This year’s address recipient was Dr. David Perrin.

Dr. Perrin presented one of the most appropriate, heartfelt and passionate addresses that this ATC has witnessed during his 17 years in athletic training. The topic dealt with diversity of all types within the field of Athletic Training/Sports Medicine. Later it was brought to my attention that the address was so impressive that within one week, during a meeting in Texas, individuals were talking about Dr. Perrin and his address.
Many of the ATC’s that were present at the EATA Convention have requested copies of the address. This ATC asked Dr. Perrin for his permission to post the address on the web and for any specific stipulations concerning terms of use if the address were to be reproduced and used. The permissions and stipulations were granted and are given below to be used without modification.

1. The 2003 “Pinky” Newell Address may be viewed and reproduced by accessing the link given at the end of the terms of use.

2. The 2003 “Pinky” Newell Address may only be reproduced and used in its entirety and may only be used for educational purposes.

3. The 2003 “Pinky” Newell Address is intended for use by Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Educators, ATC’s and Athletic Training Students for the sole purpose of Athletic Training education and the promotion of diversity within the field of Athletic Training/Sports Medicine.

4. I request that if you reproduce the address in any form, a very brief message be sent to me that would include your professional name and institution so that the access can be tracked. My address is: prietob@mercersburg.edu.

To access the 2003 William E. “Pinky” Newell address, click on one of the following links:
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Respectfully submitted,

William L. Prieto, ATC
District 2 Liaison, EDAC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Mercersburg Academy

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