::asian-pacific american heritage month:: donald a. chu

Don Chu has turned a lifelong interest in exercise into a rewarding career.

      He has earned a doctorate and a degree in physical therapy from Stanford University, and he holds certifications from the NATA Board of Certification and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Chu has served on the Board of Directors of both the NATA and the NSCA and is a past-president of the NSCA.

      Chu has worked with professional and elite athletes in many sports, including Olympic bobsledding and the U.S. synchronized swimming team. In addition, he was responsible for the production of 17 National NCAA Div. II Champions and 42 All-Americans in the jumping events of track and field.

      Originally known for his abilities in the field of sports rehabilitation, Chu has developed an extensive reputation in the areas of fitness and conditioning. His interest in human performance has occupied much of his time and efforts. He has been credited with bringing plyometric training to the attention of the athletic world through his research, authorship and demonstrations.

      In 2001, Chu joined the NATA Hall of Fame.


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