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The Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee is dedicated to service, devoted to advocacy and committed to unity. We want to identify and address issues relevant to American Indian/Alaskan Natives, Asian/Pacific Islanders, Blacks (non-Hispanic), and Hispanics both in the health care arena and in the National Athletic Trainers' Association. We advocate sensitivity and understanding towards ethnic and cultural diversity throughout the profession and the association. We strive to enhance the growth and development of the NATA, and our objectives are designed to unify the association. So, join us in our efforts to promote service, advocacy and unity.

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NASHVILLE --- Tennessee State University head athletics trainer Monroe Abram has been honored as Tennessee College Athletic Trainer of the Year.

Essential Oils

TSU players count on trainer to fix what ails them
Good read on John "Doc" Harvey.


September 15-October 15 is Hispanic-American Heritage Month.

In a continuing effort to recognize inviduals who have paved the way for future ATCs, three Hispanic-American athletic trainers are profiled in celebration of this special occasion. Click on a link below to view the accomplishments of these noteworthy individuals.
Miguel Benavides
Ben Carbajal
Lori Vazquez

Increasing Diversity Through Entry-Level Graduate Athletic Training Education.
The goal of this new project is to increase diversity in the profession by attracting students from historically black colleges and universities to attend entry-level master’s degree programs in athletic training. For a complete list of entry-level graduate athletic training education programs, please click here.

May is reccognized as Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month.
During the month of May, the EDAC is promoting awareness of the contributions that Asian-Pacific American athletic trainers have made to the profession. Click on a link below to view the profiles of these outstanding individuals.
Lincoln Kimura
Donald A. Chu
Gary Young

As many of you know, February is Black History Month. This is an important time to recognize prominent African-American athletic trainers who have paved the way for many ethnically diverse athletic trainers, as well as others. During each week of February, their pioneering efforts will be profiled on the EDAC website. Click on a link below
to view the profiles.
February 3-9: Dr. Marsha Grant Ford
February 10-16: Ronnie Barnes
February 17-23: Bill Chisolm (pdf file)
February 24-28: Henry "Buddy" Taylor

EATA Annual Meeting
Dr. David Perrin delivers heartfelt William "Pinky" Newell Memorial address. In case you have not heard about the address, it is a MUST read. Click here to view the transcript.

Attention all students!
The mentor database is now up and running. If you have already signed up, please check your info for accuracy. If you have not signed up, submit your information via the on-line form. Click here to view the database.

How to address the "diversity requirement" in your ATEP?

Ron Wagner, ATC highlights issues and strategies for addressing diversity in ATEPs in the February edition of the NATA News.
See page 39.

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